Beach Baby | 12th Street Portraits

I loved taking photos of this sweet family of three.  Their little boy is so happy all the time!  

Many of our customers would say that we have baby fever.  In fact, over the past three years Audra and I have managed to add three little ones to our beach family!

It makes us happy to take photos of families like the “H” family because we know just how in love these parents are with their little guy.  We were quite smitten with him too!


Girl On The Go

I had a great session in Corolla with this cutie.  She really didn’t want to stay still; and who could blame her when there’s so much to see on the beach?!  I got some shots as she went zooming by, trying to look at and touch everything on the shore.  In the end I did get some posed shots of her, her family and other breakdowns of the group.  But my favorites are the ones where she flashed a quick smile as she played on the beach.


Missing Summer

Now that the weather is getting colder I find myself reminiscing.  There are so many happy memories from this summers’ sessions.  Audra and I are just a couple of big kids ourselves.  Getting to play and laugh with happy families all summer makes us happy!

The running is what keeps us in shape…

Memories of happy hugs keep us warm all winter!

Remembering when we got stampeded by fast kiddos makes us laugh!


This summer was full of hugs, races and some of the funnest silliness I’ve ever seen!  

Another great session

I had a great time hanging with these cool kids at the beach access on Shad Street.



Stormy Seas Won’t Stop The “H” Family! | 12th Street Portraits

When the ocean is so rough that the sand at the shore break is making a cliff out of the sand and the sea spray is OUT OF CONTROL, you might think… Maybe this won’t be the best night for family portraits!? Insert the “H” family!

I had such a great time with this sweet family and the very brave kiddos made this session amazing! These images are one of a kind and we all love the big SPLASH photos!


What to Wear Guide by 12th Street Portraits | Family Portraits

Due to some technical difficulties on our blog, you may have noticed that we have started over! A fresh blog is fun for a lot of reasons but we were super upset that we lost almost 4 years of monthly “What to Wear Blogs!” No use dwelling on it! We are going to build our monthly What to Wear Guide right back up and make it better than ever! It’s no secret that we LOVE color so we are kicking this guide off with a bright pop of coral and navy blue for a nautical touch!


Across the Generations! | 12th Street Portraits

One of the coolest things about our job is that we are always surrounded by families and happy memories! Oftentimes, we are able to work with extended families for a large group portrait session. We LOVE getting to meet so many great families which include parents, their adult children and their grandchildren. What an honor it is to work with three generations in one portrait session!

We had lots of fun with this family! I just loved the two generations of sisters and the two generations of siblings. One thing that these two generations share is the complete LOVE of a family! These folks were awesome!

siblings4 siblings3 siblings2 1siblings