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What to Wear Guide by 12th Street Portraits | Family Portraits

Due to some technical difficulties on our blog, you may have noticed that we have started over! A fresh blog is fun for a lot of reasons but we were super upset that we lost almost 4 years of monthly “What to Wear Blogs!” No use dwelling on it! We are going to build our monthly What to Wear Guide right back up and make it better than ever! It’s no secret that we LOVE color so we are kicking this guide off with a bright pop of coral and navy blue for a nautical touch!


Across the Generations! | 12th Street Portraits

One of the coolest things about our job is that we are always surrounded by families and happy memories! Oftentimes, we are able to work with extended families for a large group portrait session. We LOVE getting to meet so many great families which include parents, their adult children and their grandchildren. What an honor it is to work with three generations in one portrait session!

We had lots of fun with this family! I just loved the two generations of sisters and the two generations of siblings. One thing that these two generations share is the complete LOVE of a family! These folks were awesome!

siblings4 siblings3 siblings2 1siblings